Bodie Sponsors 2014 HB Lead Litigation Conference

Bodie was a key sponsor of the HB Lead Litigation Conference on November 6-7, 2014 in Boca Raton, Florida. Christopher M. McNally was one of the speakers on issues relating to discovery/residency in lead paint litigation.

Mr. McNally co-supervises the team of attorneys handling the defense of both long-term care/nursing home malpractice cases and lead paint cases at the Bodie Firm. He has been an attorney with the Firm since 2006, having spent his career working on large and complex cases with a concentration in the defense of long-term care (LTC) institutions, nurses and caregivers in complex malpractice litigation. Mr. McNally’s practice also focuses on the defense of property owners and insurance carriers in lead paint litigation, and has an extensive practice in the representation of uninsured property owners in lead paint litigation in Maryland. 

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