Practice Areas

General Litigation

Bodie is perhaps best known in the legal community for zealous representation of our clients in the courtroom. The lawyers at Bodie provide representation to clients in a variety of litigation matters, including personal injury, employment disputes, contract disputes, construction defect cases, toxic tort defense, auto tort, family law matters, and medical malpractice and long-term care defense. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants. If you have been sued or believe you may have a cause of action against an individual or entity, please contact the Firm to discuss all of your litigation needs.

Plaintiff Personal Injury

Bodie is experienced in handling personal injury cases including car and truck accidents, medical malpractice, and wrongful death lawsuits. If you have been injured, please contact the Firm to discuss your case.

Workers Compensation

Bodie represents individuals who have been injured on the job, whether temporarily or permanently, as well as insurance companies and their insured employers. Maryland law entitles employees who have been injured at work to compensation, with limited exceptions. To read more about Workers’ Compensation, click here. If you or your employee has been injured at work and a dispute arises as to the nature and extent of the injury, please contact the Firm to discuss your case.

Labor Disputes

At Bodie, we work to ensure that employers are compliant with, and employees are treated properly under, the current Federal and State employment laws. We strive to protect the rights of employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act, including matters of minimum wage, overtime pay, child labor protections, and workers with disabilities. Bodie represents companies and individuals on employment matters rising from workers compensation, Fair Labor Standard Acts, trade secrets, and restrictive covenant matters. We also work with businesses to draft Employee Manuals and Contracts. Please contact the Firm to discuss all of your employment legal needs.

Corporate Litigation

Bodie has both brought suit and defended lawsuits on behalf our corporate clients. Corporate litigation includes contract disputes, employment disputes, and corporate transaction disputes. Please contact the Firm to discuss all of your corporate litigation needs.

Adversarial Proceedings in Bankruptcy

Bodie attorneys are experienced in not only preparing and filing Petitions in Bankruptcy relief, but also in pursuing and defending challenges to the discharge of certain debt. The matter goes into litigation before the United States District Court for the District of Maryland when a creditor challenges the discharge ability of debt. Plaintiffs and Defendants in an Adversarial Proceeding require experienced representation to navigate through this unique and intricate area of the law. If you are a creditor who believes that certain debt is not dis-chargeable or a debtor who has had an Adversarial Proceeding initiated against you, please contact the Firm.


Bodie represents both creditors and debtors in collections actions and is seasoned in negotiating settlements that include lump sum pay-outs, as well as payment plans. Bodie attorneys are experienced in pursuing and defending litigation actions for unpaid debt, as well as pursuing and defending supplementary actions, including examinations under oath, wage garnishments and property garnishments. If you are a business or individual who is owed, or allegedly owes, money based on a contract, services/goods provided or otherwise, please contact the Firm to discuss your case.